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2007 May/Jun    
2007 Mar/Apr Mersey Roads 24hr - pts 1 & 2  
2007 Jan/Feb Future of Sou'Wester?, Dumfries Birthday Rides, Golden Beeches Weekend, KPRC 70th Anniversary, DA Awards info, New Event, New Maps
2006 Nov/Dec Graham Hill Wandle Trail, Section News, Sutton Sport Award, Bill Stead Obit, For Sale Section?
2006 Sep/Oct Pat Matthews New Editor required, Mystery Word Hunt, Dieppe Raid report, Wandle Valley Festival, Visit to Steve Bott, Kingston Phoenix Saturday Rides, Mark Roy's 'End-to-End', Mike Morley, Bill Stead, Bernard, Pete Mitchell celebrates 500,000 miles, Ron & Doreen Powney celebrate 50 years.
2006 Jul/Aug Vic White Ron Beams Obit, C&M Easter Tour, Ann Bath, Clive Oxx, Bob Lees
2006 May/Jun The Cycling Crews "LOVE YR BIKE", Brompton Factory Tour, Hilly 50km, Barn Dance, Will Townsend, Clive Oxx
2006 Mar/Apr Les Johnston New Horizons, Riding the Commons, Nonsuch Park, Veteran Cycle Club, Wandle Valley Country Park, Sou'Wester Shirts, Clarkson, 2005 Mileage figures
2006 Jan/Feb Ian Burt Lynda Barrow, Section News, Tea Places, Golden Beeches Weekend, Falling Leaves Cyclo-Sportive, Conference, Tooting and Wandsworth Commons, Kingston Phoenix Road Club, Sutton Cycling Club,, Book Recommendation
2005 Nov/Dec Pete Barnard Brockham Green, Sutton Cycling Club, Marion Houghton, Tim Cox, CTC Council Elections
2005 Sep/Oct Bill Stead Dieppe Raid report, Charity Rides, Mystery Word Hunt Report, Herne Hill update, Birthday Rides, Ron Beams, Ray Dare, Bill Stead, Judy Margery
2005 Jul/Aug Jen Mitchell Dieppe Raid, CTC Award, Dennis Sloan, DA Minutes archived, Majorca, Scotland, "For Sale"
2005 May/Jun Simon Mitchell Obits: Peter Knottley & George Powney. Barn Dance, 2004 Awards, Hilly 50km, Website, "Most Ambitious Ride"
2005 Mar/Apr Daphne Skingle Cyclists Special, Wandle Trail News, Sutton CC, Mileages/Mileage Chart
2005 Jan/Feb Ray Harrison Tom Fiddimore, Ned Walsh, Joe Tarrant, Frank Powney, Norman: Janice Dawes' Father, DA Awards info
2004 Nov/Dec Tom Fiddimore Nesles in September, Brian's Mystery Tour, Islington Cycle Show, Trailblazing Ride, Surrey Churches Charity Rides, Peter Knottley
2004 Sept/Oct Ed Sharp Dieppe Raid, Steve Bott injured, Ron Beam's 98th, Mystery Word Hunt, Gerald & Eileen Burt's 50th, Les Johnson plaque, Birthday Rides
2004 Jul/Aug Jack & Valerie Parham Scotland, France, Bob Lees, Jack Dowson
2004 May/Jun Simon Legg Tom Fish's 90th, Pete Mitchell, Ron Beams, Derek Robinson, Hilly 50km, Barn Dance, 2003 awards
2004 Mar/Apr Nigel Taylor Hindhead Tunnel, Tim Cox, Pete Peters, 2003 mileages
2004 Jan/Feb Stephen & Dawn Dodd Adventurous Ride, Arundel Hostel trip, MW's Freewheel comp, AGM, Pete Peters Obit, Herne Hill, DA Awards info
2003 Francis C Syred Arthur Butcher Obit, Surrey Churches, Steve Bott, John Hammond, Rita Wilkins, Tom Fish, Ron Beams
2003 Ray Dare DA Competitions, Cuckoo Trail Ride, Graham Hill, Margaret Croad, Mystery Word Hunt, Donate a bike, Bobbie Barnard Obit
2003 CTC 125yr Celebration Rides Derby Canter, Lynda Barrow, Bob Lees, Rita Wilkins, Local Bike Shops, Nesles Trip
2003 Eileen Rosendale CTC 125 year Celebrations, Reliability Rides, Ted Storey remembered, Phil Hampton, Tea Places update
2003 Pete Mitchell Keith Butler, Alan Young, 2002 DA Awards
2003 Margaret Croad AGM, Jubilee River, Colin Quemby, Graham Hill, Cuckoo Trail
2002 Colin Quemby  
2002 Downland Section 3rd Annual Mystery Word Hunt, John Daunt's death, Frank Cubis, Collingwood Recreation Ground, Thanks from Clive Oxx
2002 Frank Cubis 100/150km Rides, South of England Rally, Brockham Jubilee, CTC AGM, Derek Roberts, Ted Storey's death
2002 Angie Launder / Lynda Barrow CTC AGM, 50km Reliability Ride, YHA Hostel closures
2002 David Vines New Thames Bridge, Herne Hill track, Tom, Fish, John Daunt, Obits: Arthur Jessop, John Widley, John Pinkerton; Trails by Rails, DA Awards 2001
2002 Bill Hammond New Secretary, DA Competitions, Award to Colin Quemby, Mileage Charts
2001 Mark Roy John Hunt, Jack Dowson, Ray Dare, Derek & Sarah Slann, Ron Parmenter Obit, Mick's Tour of Britain
2001 Amy Robinson Mystery Word Hunt, Triennial Vets Rides, Alan Young, New Elmbridge map, Sustrans, Tea Places
2001 Ron Beams Festival of Cycling, Reliability Rides, CTC London, cycle path news
2001 Derek Robinson Foot & Mouth, Tim Cox, John Hammond, Gerald Burt, Ewart Arnold Obit, DA Awards, Rail News
2001 Alex Forrest:
London to Vienna by bike
British Cycle Quest, Barn Dance, DA Awards 2000, Carradice Day Bag, Brooks saddle repairs, become a Cycle Instructor, 2000 mileages
2001 Steve Bott Volunteers Required, Ron Beams, Ken Preece, Arthur Butcher, Arthur Beanland, Gavin Blanchard Obit, Borough Strategies, Cycle Sport in Sutton, Richmond Park
2000 Bob Eberhard Council Elections, Thames Path, Cuckoo Trail, Wetland Centre, Ken Preece, Ron Beams, John Daunt,
2000 Tim Cox Mystery Word Hunt, John Dee & Clem Armstrong Obits, Arthur Butcher, Ray Dare, John Hammond, Tom Fish, Tim Cox, York Rally, Millennium Rides, new museum, new parks
2000 None Vision 2000, Millennium Festival of Cycling, evening rides, town centre races, Brooklands museum, British Cycling museum, London maps, "Time for Tea"
2000 Midweek Wayfarers Hilly 50, Sutton CC, CTC Regions, Bobbie Barnard
2000 Jake Dodd Regionalisation, Barn Dance, Deaths Ernie Barnard, John Hinton, Ken Taylor, Joan Carlo; Millennium Experience, Treasure Hunt, DA Awards 1999
2000 Arthur Butcher Club room, Geoff Avis, Geoff Clarke, Jake Dodd, Simon Mitchell, Clive Oxx, Alan Young, Eileen Rosendale, Ken & Betty Robinson, PBP 1999, Website, Sutton CC
1999 Clive Oxx Council Elections, Tea Places, Nonsuch Park, Geoff Clarke, Neil Nubbert, Stuart Downie, Derek Monkhouse, Hanne Blanchard, John Dee
1999 Tom Fish Birthday Rides, Cyclism, battery recycling, Sutton CC, vacancies
1999 Lisa Colombo Derby Canter, a new tea stop, Mary Robinson's walk, Ann Bath, Sutton maps, Leatherhead cycle path, Ashtead Common, Recumbents
1999 Bev Porter Geoff Clarke's Ambitious Ride, Ed Sharp, Keith Rook, Sutton CC, Epsom & Ewell map, "The Storm" by Ernie Barnard
1999 Vasti Mulholland Sutton CC, 1998 Awards, "The Perfect Partner" by Geoff Clarke, 1998 mileages
1999 Stuart Downie AGM & facts/figures, DA Awards, Box Hill, Web update
1998 None Attracting young cyclist, Geoff Clarke, Steve Bott, Mike Withers, Tom Fish, Local Campaigning, Footway Cycling, Integrated Cycling conference
1998 50 years of the DA Triennial Vets Tide, Map Reading contest, Clive's Grandfather, London Youth Games, Merger?