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Sou'Wester March/April 2006

It seems that 2006 will see an explosion of extra rides to be enjoyed:
Simon Legg is starting some 'Friday Fun Rides' from central London, some to see the sights and others to clock up the miles. Rides listed on the "What's On" page.
Richard Gledhill has offered to run monthly 'advanced beginners' rides on Saturdays starting at 10.30am. Distances will be higher than the present 'longer' rides but not more than 35 to 40 miles.
An enquiry has been made about the possibility of Sunday afternoon rides for those wanting a shorter ride but not able to start in the morning. How many would support such a venture?


Nothing this issue.

Cheam and Morden
About 50 Section members and friends from across the DA sat down to the post Christmas Lunch at the Hand in Hand Boxhill on Sunday 29th January. Many thanks to Steve Gordon for the organisation.

Midweek Wayfarers
Pam Jones was pedalling her way on Tuesday to Heathrow in the early hours en route to Lanzarote. Before leaving, she sent wishes to all Wayfarers to enjoy happy cycling - especially Bernard.
Margaret Croad has returned to a very cold British Isles from Australia where she stayed with her two sons. "I have been doing a lot of long distance walking and leading walks for the Ramblers. It was a lovely holiday with fine hot weather. The temperature soared to 45 degrees - it was the hottest summer since 1939!"
Albert and his bicycle forks have recovered from his 'prang' so he will not need the 'three wheeled bedstead' which he claims Ron Beams has been trying to sell him. He needs to keep well as he will be 'carted off' to Berlin during February to take part in a documentary on the American Dakota aircraft.
Geoff Avis has written from his new home in West Bridgford where he says, "things are almost back to normal". We look forward to more news from you, Geoff, so keep in touch via the Sou'Wester.

David Aylett reported how fourteen Downland members enjoyed their New Years Lunch at The Gate at Ifield on 15th January.

Heard on our Rides:
From the desk of Brian Starey "Sorry to keep you waiting - I've been off-line with a dodgy modem."

Mike and Mary Pontin's Midweek Ride report: "On the other side of the bar in this pub we saw these dodgy looking cyclists. They turned out to be our 'C' group!"

When I asked David Aylett to give me a 'Heard on Our Rides', he said, "All that I heard were just not repeatable - sorry!"

While Eric Clapton was working on the second album for the Cream Rock Band he was thinking of buying a bicycle. One of the band's roadies told him, "those Disraeli Gears are really good."

"Magical, magical, it's just stunning," - the cries from Central London Section riders when we came upon the sight of frosted grasses and plants at the edge of Wimbledon Common and Richmond Park in the early morning sunlight.

Riding the Commons
S.W. London commuters were pleased that, after several Inquiries and Court cases spanning some 13 years, the decision was reached last October to formally allow cycling on the paths across Wandsworth and Tooting Commons. Notices have been posted and work has commenced although there are rumours of further Court action.

Nonsuch Park
Les Johnston, Clive Oxx and Shirley Quemby attended a recent meeting of the Nonsuch Park Joint Management Committee when it considered a Brief for Future Use of the Park and House. The park costs about £325,000 per year to run whilst income is only £125,000. The balance is currently shared equally by Sutton and Epsom Councils. There is pressure to reduce the councils' contributions and the Management Committee is looking into ways of increasing its income. We hope that possible new uses do not adversely affect the Beginners Section.

Nostalgia The Veteran-Cycle Club is marking it's fiftieth year with the publication by the John Pinkerton Memorial Publishing Fund of a book reproducing Catalogues of Lightweight Cycles produced in the 1940s and 1950s, a period which older CTC members regard as the 'heyday' of cycling. Catalogues to 'drool' over - Bates, Carlton, Claud Butler, Ephgrave, Gillott, Hetchins, Hobbs, Holdsworth, Paris, Raleigh (Lenton Sports and Record Ace), Rotrax, P.T. Stallard. Contact Clive Oxx or any member of the V-CC.

Wandle Valley Country Park The world premiere showing took place on 26th January of a 20 minutes length DVD film produced by the Groundwork Merton organisation to promote the proposals for construction of a Country Park on the area previously occupied by Sewage Works and adjacent to Beddington Park. The plans, to provide for a Park three and a half times the size of Hyde Park would include opportunities for cycling, so Sutton Cycling Club which currently uses tracks in these areas has a special interest in the developments. Coach, Clive Oxx, for the Club's Starters section was pleased to be invited to appear in this film. If you are associated with a group which could be interested in seeing this film, contact Clive.

Sou'Wester shirts Lynda Barrow invites you to send your T-shirt, jacket or gilet to her so that you can publicise the club's name 'Sou'Wester', with a small badge at the front and a large logo wheel on the back, printed on the garment. This will make you and the garment very special for the price of approx. £3 - 4 each. Supply the shirt to Lynda ("with your name or initials on the inside label, so I know to whom I should return it") who will be collecting on Wednesdays and Saturdays. "When I have sufficient, I will book them in for printing. This will be before Easter."

Special Gift I was invited to join Tom Brake MP, Liberal Democrat Shadow Transport Secretary, to deliver a bicycle as a Christmas present to Jeremy Clarkson. The bicycle selected was an appropriate choice of bike for the presenter of Top Gear. It was a Land Rover Discovery model and was meant to mollify Jeremy who has made some harsh comments publicly about cyclists. The gift was due to be presented at Broadcasting House by Tom, accompanied by Clive Oxx, on behalf of CTC, Living Streets, Transport 2000 and Action Bikes (Wallington). Unfortunately, Jeremy was 'unavailable' to be present! We continue to listen and watch Top Gear and the Sunday Times for a response from the notorious Jeremy Clarkson.

Mileages: Latest figures on the Mileage pages.