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Profile of Jackie (Jake) Dodd

Profile: Jackie (Jake) Dodd - (Mar/Apr 2000)

It's a pleasure to write a profile on a 'thirty something' young lady who is achieving much in our cycling world. Jake, or should it be Jackie or perhaps Jacqueline, leads an active life with many roles - housewife, mother, now married to a champion cyclist, skilled draughtswoman, gardener, driving courier, racing club Ladies Champion, assistant coach and newspaper correspondent on heated cycling topics. How did she find the time to cycle the 9,030 miles which she has recorded for 1999 (a very close runner-up to mileater Pat Matthews' total of 9,390 miles).

Jake (nee Mitchell) was born on 10th January 1962 into a family devoted to cycling. She learnt to cycle on a slope in the garden at Church Lane, Chessington. The family, with father, Pete, Mum, Julia, and brother, Simon, cycled to Youth Hostels when she was very young and she was also introduced to the racing world of the Kingston Phoenix Road Club. "Every Sunday Mum drove us to Time Trials and while Dad raced, we had breakfast in the long grass with the Powney children - their Dad, Ron, raced too. Whenever I hear the dawn chorus it brings back memories".

Jake's first cycle was a "three wheeler with straw in the wheels and a useful boot to carry things. I was always crashing down hills as it had one brake and I always held my ice cream in that hand".

In 1985, Jake joined the Cheam & Morden Section and then the Kingston Phoenix to start a racing career which she successfully continues today. She currently holds the KPRC Ladies records for 100 miles, 50miles, Kingston to Worthing and was pipped by just one mile for the 12 hour record. In 1999 she extended her racing, from exclusively Time Trialling, into Surrey League Handicap Road Racing.

She is an enthusiastic CTC member, enjoys all CTC activities with the Cheam & Morden Section and lists her memorable tours as Easter with the C&M and her visits to Majorca - climbing every mountain on the island. Her ambition is to ride the 'End to End'.

Jake does all this and is mother to her two sons, Matthew aged 9 and David aged 7 years. They became members of the Sutton Cycling Club last year and raced in the SCC's Town Centre Race in June. Jake is keen to encourage them, and other youngsters, to cycle and race and, in her own time, has given valued help as assistant coach.

You may see Jake out training or on Club rides on her Orbit Sirius cycle. It is bright yellow with tyre treads to match (it's like following a wasp - Ed). It's her favourite machine. "I can cycle for hundreds of miles feeling very comfortable on it".

Jake has just won the DA's Award for the 'Most Ambitious Ride'. This starts:

"My family responsibilities made it impossible for me to consider cycling with the Cheam & Morden out to Wells in Somerset for the start of the Easter Tour last year. The Section would take two days to get there with three nights B&B in Wells and then there would be a further two days to get home to West Ewell. I was very keen to join the tour however so I decided, with no advance planning, that I was going to do the journey to Wells in just one day. So on this crazy impulse I put a totally unsuitable Car Road Atlas into my bag and set off at 7:45am on what was to become an epic day's riding.'