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Profile of Lynda Barrow

Profile: Lynda Barrow - (May/Jun 2002)

Cycling started for me in October 1999 when I was just cycling a couple of miles a day, to work or to the shops. I saw an advert in the local Guardian newspaper, offering free cycle checks and a cycle maintenance class.

As I was using my daughter's Raleigh Shopper - 3-speed - I thought it about time I had it checked. I went along to Sutton West Centre where I was introduced to Shirley Quemby and others checking bikes. I was taught how to mend a puncture, my bike was checked and any alterations required made. Shirley invited me to meet at Nonsuch Mansion at 2pm for a ride the following Saturday.

I liked the idea of a ride but was concerned - how far would it be? Well, I turned up and met several participants. I was told I wouldn't get left behind, I could ride in the middle of the group and would be on the inside at roundabouts. Fine, I thought - let's go! Well, it was a very enjoyable ride and we stopped at Morden Hall Park for afternoon tea. This, I thought, was getting better!

We returned to the Mansion at a comfortable speed. I was amazed that I had just cycled 17 miles! I have, since that day, become quite a regular cyclist. I was proud of myself when I did the London to Southend Ride in July 2001. I rode this on my new bike, a birthday present, a super bike with 18 speeds!

I have now done some of the special rides such as the Dennis Donovan Randonnee sponsored by Pearson's. I entered the DA Mystery Word Hunt last year and really enjoyed riding out from Brockham Green and looking at all the farms and gardens. I won a prize, so will be entering again this year. I hope you will be joining me on Sunday 21st July.

I go out regularly on Section rides, Wednesdays with the Wayfarers, Saturdays with the Beginners and I hope to try out a Sunday ride on one of the easy paced rides led by Clive with the Cheam & Morden Section. Now in 2002 I don't feel like a cyclist beginner any more and I have more ambitious plans for the summer. I have booked to go with a CTC Tour td the Isle of Wight for four days and from 13 to 17 May I will be going off to France touring with Norman Goody's group.

Whilst my husband is enjoying football and walking, I am cycling - I get to see more of the countryside and it keeps me fit!