South West London DA: Sou' Wester Archive
Sou'Wester March/April 2005

The CTC's travel consultant has been busily negotiating with train operators for a re-run of the CTC Cyclists' Special rail excursion which took place in 1955. Dave Holladay would like it to be an authentic restaging with steam train, parcels vans for the bikes and coaches of that era so discussions are taking place with West Coast Railway Company for a possible operation from Watford to Rugby. Alternatively, and more realistically, it may be an excursion to highlight the contrasts of changes in travel which have taken place since 1955. This would use modern locomotives and rolling stock which could start at Olympia or Clapham Junction. If you were on one of those original rides please let Clive know as you would have priority. If you were not there but are interested then also let him know as the invitation is being extended and a special Golden Jubilee souvenir video pack containing historic film is planned. A story from the 1950's CTC Rail Excursion


The first 10 Years. Secretary David Aylett prepared a report for the AGM which told of the great growth of the Beginners Section in its first ten years since the early days of 1996. Lynda Barrow is off to Australia again to visit her two daughters, this time taking her mother to celebrate her 82nd birthday. Lynda will be back in time to lead her rides for the Beginners and Central London Sections, and to progress the design and production of the 'Sou'Westers' T-shirt for which she has won a grant - and she still calls herself a Beginner!

Cheam and Morden
Frank and Françoise Humphrey invited the C&M riders to their home in New Malden at the end of the traditional ride on 1st January. Their delicious home made minestrone and mushroom and leek with herbs soups with garlic bread and other Françoise specialities were welcomed at their arrival on a cold day. The ride was planned and led by Pete Mitchell with his usual skill. Forty members and guests of the Cheam and Morden enjoyed an annual lunch at the Hand in Hand pub at Box Hill on Sunday, 30th January. Glasses were raised in response to Midweek Secretary Brian Starey's thanks to Steve Gordon who organised the luncheon and, in disbelief, to Section Secretary Graham Hill who had quietly(?) made it known that he was about to celebrate his 60th birthday.

Midweek Wayfarers
The first gathering for the new year started well with the attendance of the two nonagenarians, Ron Beams at 98 and Tom Fish aged 90 years. On 20th January however there was concern for Tom with news of a collision with a parked car in which Tom's front wheel was bent and he suffered grazing on his arm. Tom was lucky to be helped by the motorist and thanks also to Albert for helping him. He was reported to be in good voice and able to display his dressings on the following week. It was Albert's turn to be the sufferer that week when he collided with an uprooted tree and injured his face. We are pleased to hear that he is OK. Albert Welvaert followed his Belgian father into aviation construction at the Bleriot company. Albert was married at 20 and sadly lost his lovely wife in 1998 after 61 years of marriage.
Other sufferers who have recovered well are Ed Sharp and Frank Cubis - orders for a wreath have been cancelled and both were eating very well at the lunch at the Hand in Hand.
Following their ascent to Painshill the Wayfarers stopped for three minutes silence in respect for the victims of the tsunami disaster in S.E. Asia.
Bill Hammond, now in his late eighties, retains his calligraphy skills. He attends classes at Bolt Court WC1. This is the same establishment from which he set off on his career in 1935 - an association of over seventy years. When your editor (Clive) met Bill on Waterloo Station recently he looked very sprightly for a person who has been studying for seventy years.
Den Sloan is away in Denver, Colorado for a month to visit his daughter and grandsons. Den said he went almost nowhere before he was 70. Now he is flying across the Atlantic for the third or fourth time.
First rides with the Wayfarers: Julian Calder from Kingston on 27th January.
Newcomer Liz came out with Jonathan having trained down from London. On that day Jonathan entertained the Wayfarers with piano pieces by Chopin.
Fourteen members enjoyed an annual lunch at the Gate at Ifield on Sunday 30th January.

Heard On Our Rides
More from Daphne "I do have other interests: embroidery, badly playing a musical instrument, walking, keeping in touch with my son Clive and daughter Vanessa, reading, theatre, art. I hate: housework, cleaning ovens, eating squid, getting up early, shopping, traffic jams. I love: my custom built Roberts (the first bike specifically for a lady and the right size, that I have ever owned) .... And most especially, Peter!"
Simon Legg to Jake. "Jake, if you tell my wife that your husband, Gary, has spent every Sunday doing DIY rather than cycle training... I will kill you".
Nigel Taylor, at Roehampton Gate car park. Beginners Section lady member realises she cannot find padlock key attached to her car keys. She is attached to another bicycle. But - what incredible good fortune! A locksmith with angle grinder is found in the car park. Now where were her house keys? She remembered that she'd left them in the front door at home - on the outside!!! Warning do not attach your bike to this lady's.

News from the Wandle Trail
Sustrans are preparing a report for Transport for London on potential links to and from National Route 22. This includes the Wandle Trail route through the London Boroughs of Wandsworth, Merton and Sutton and on to the south coast for links with Europe. Sustrans wants local cyclists to be involved. If you have any views or want to learn more about the proposals then please call Clive. Wanted - Leaders to lead Family Rides in the Wandsworth and Merton areas for the Wandle Valley Festival programme to take place on Sunday 12th June. Again, contact Clive. Cyclists of the future
Sutton Cycling Club for young people represented cycling and youth when their quartet of riders cycled in the Mayor's procession through Central London on New Year's Day. Their contribution helped to earn the London Borough of Sutton a donation of £2,000 for youth activities in the Borough. On 8th February they are receiving medals from Sutton's Mayor, Tony Brett Young, for their efforts.

Mileages for 2004 have their own page
Highest mileage of the year was Peter Mitchell with 13,348 and the lowest submitted was Ron Powney with 1,060.
Outstanding Improver was Lisa Colombo with a huge increase of 65%. Our Profile subject from the last issue, Ray Harrison, submitted a good figure of 5,057 ie 15% increase.

Mileage Chart
Lisa Colombo is offering anyone who wants to receive her very good mileage chart to contact her. It is in Excel format in three worksheets but if you have MS Works she is, "in a position to create a special file for you. You are free to customise as required", so 'feel free' to contact her.

Tea Places
The Tea Rooms at the Wyevale Garden Centre in Waddon Way off the Purley Way have been renovated and now look very smart and attractive. Open Sunday 10am to 4pm and weekdays 9am to 4pm. Good range of snacks and set meals. Special offer is 'Sharon's Super Breakfast', more than 12 grilled items and tea or coffee at £6 - this must be good on a cold day. Tel. 07837 555 906.

The DA list of tea places has been updated. Please help to keep it up to date by notifying any corrections, additions or deletions.