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Profile of Amy Robinson

Profile: Amy Robinson - (Sep/Oct 2001)

This profile is the fourth which has reported on the life of a lady member and is the fourteenth published in this newsletter. I can assure those readers interested in matters of sexual discrimination that this is in line with the membership for the Sections, which show that the ladies represent one quarter of the total. So nobody can accuse us of unfair discrimination.

To introduce Amy, I will describe her as a young, attractive, intelligent, professionally qualified 'thirty something' young lady (she has revealed that she was born in November 1970) who is also, rarely for today, a committed club cyclist.

We know about the qualifications because her dad, Derek Robinson, profiled two issues ago, proudly recited these when I asked for his views on his daughter's talents. She is a qualified librarian, having studied Librarianship and Classical Studies at Aberystwyth, University of Wales. At present she is employed as an Information Officer at the Royal Institution of Chartered Surveyors (RICS); previously she was at the National Maritime Museum for about four years.

The background which led to the commitment to cycling, was the early family influence which started at her father's home in Bridgewood Road, Worcester Park. This was a car-free home and bikes were the main means of transport, as is her current home in Thames Ditton. So Amy's first bike memories are those of many of those who were children in the 1970s - sitting on a balloon tyred two wheeler Viking bike with stabilisers; seated on a child's seat on her mother's bike and at a later stage, riding with mother on her 'girlie bike'.

When father 'stuck' her on the family Ultra Short Wheelbase Claud Butler tandem she was on the start of her introduction to club rides - out with her father and the Family Section. These were wonderful early memories although she now confesses that when she looked at the USWB tandem recently she, 'wondered how we ever rode it'. She graduated from this tandem to ride solo on the Cyril Wren cycle bought for her mother. Amy has progressed since those early days with the Family Section, through its name change to the Downland Section and on to the Cheam and Morden Section.

Having outpaced her father for some years, she now enjoys the full programme of rides offered by the Cheam and Morden Section and is often to be seen up at the front of the group - having easily outpaced the writer of this profile! Till this year she has resisted suggestions that she might put this speed to use by moving into racing, despite frequent encouragement from Family Section members who were told, "I am not interested, I ride my bike for pleasure". Since joining the C&M she has begun time trialling as a member of the Kingston Phoenix Road Club.

Amy is committed to both cycling and to the Cyclists' Touring Club. Having been a member of the CTC for most of her life she wisely became a Life Member last year.

It may therefore seem surprising that Amy has not done many tours. She has enjoyed the C&M's Easter Tours the last two years - despite heavy rain at the start of both, as well as joining a group of C&M members for a holiday in the cyclist's Mecca of Mallorca. She has also ridden a fixed centre tour in the French Alps with the CTC. On recent rides with C&M we saw Amy out with her superb new custom designed Chas Roberts bike, gleaming with top specification equipment. It is nice to hear that despite the attraction of this beautiful new modern machine she does not intend to neglect the bike of her early years, for she has plans to rebuild the Cyril Wren. Has anybody any transfers?