South West London DA: Sou' Wester Archive
Sou'Wester January/February 2005

Most of us will have heard the sad news of the sudden death of Tom Fiddimore only three days after the publication in the Sou'wester of a profile on his cycling career. When Tom's profile appeared it was praised as most interesting, picturing a person who had in only a few years of involvement with the Beginners Section earned great respect as a helpful cyclist whose pleasant company people enjoyed. The funeral on Monday 8th November was attended by many friends and after the ceremony, outside the Chapel at the North East Surrey Crematorium, their grief was focussed on the wreaths which included a special floral tribute contributed by the Beginners. Its design featured in the centre the profile article from the Sou'wester accompanied by the photograph recalling a happy Tom on a sunny Saturday afternoon Beginners ride.


Midweek Wayfarers
Congratulations to Ned Walsh and his lifelong cycle companion, Joe Tarrant, who celebrated their 80th birthdays at Cobham on a recent Wednesday.
Frank Powney was clipped by a car, reported as being driven erratically by an elderly motorist, when he was marshalling on the A3 at Shannon Corner. Frank suffered a possible hairline fracture of the pelvis, a bash on the head, broken bone(s) in the hand and a shoulder fracture - otherwise Frank says he is recovering well.
We have learnt of the death of the father of Janice Dawes, a member of the Midweeks and who has also ridden with the C&M. On many occasions when her father Norman, came down from his home in the North West to visit Janice and see the family, we enjoyed his company as he was an accomplished cyclist. Ray Dare has written on behalf of many. "I was surprised and saddened on learning of Norman's death. On the occasions I met him, usually at Midweekers meets with Janice, I was struck by his pleasant and quiet manner and the genuine interest he held in cycling - from which I am sure Janice has benefited."

Last issue, we reported Lynda Barrow's initiative on behalf of the group of eight who have adopted the title 'The Sou'westers'. Lynda's application for a grant has been successful and will help to fund the printing of T shirts which will emblazon the name of 'The Sou'westers' on their rides and trips to Northern France. Lynda is now inviting anyone who would like to join the group for the weekend Raid on Dieppe on 10/11/12 June to contact her. The group is out to repeat their success of this year when they came home carrying a big trophy cup.

Cheam and Morden
At the Section AGM held at the end of October, Graham Hill was elected as Secretary.
Easter Tour 2005 will go to Warwick spending three nights in B&Bs Friday 25th to 27th March. For those cycling there and back, stops are planned at Ivinghoe Hostel on Thursday 24th March and Oxford YH on Monday 28th March.
Send a deposit of £40 not later than 30th January to Simon Mitchell. Warwick is a sought after venue as only four weeks later, the CTC National AGM will be held in Warwick University on Saturday, 23rd April.

The annual report on the Section's sociable rides explains that the Downlands regards itself as the group that can enjoy itself without taking its cycling too seriously.

DA Awards
The closing date for entries will be Wednesday, 26th January, 2005. Mileages should be sent to Pete Mitchell. Photographs (see last issue for categories) will be accepted by Pete, Clive Oxx or your Section secretary. Any reports of 'interesting or ambitious' rides not already submitted should be sent to Clive.

Report on the DA AGM
24 members attended the AGM held at Walton on the Hill on Sunday 28th November 2004. Joining us for the meeting was Philip Benstead who represents our interests as one of the two members for London on the CTC National Council. Amongst a number of points made by Philip was the importance to the CTC nationally of the local information on numbers of riders on our rides which Section Secretaries prepare for this AGM. The information is the basis for analysis of trends by the Officer for DA affairs to discover whether the CTC is achieving its aims of getting - as Philip put it - "more bums on saddles".
Copies of the Annual Report and accounts can be obtained from your Section or the new DA Secretary.
We were grateful to Simon Legg and to Jen Mitchell for their work in organising and auditing the Accounts. Simon's report recommends actions to be taken next year which should avoid a repeat of the loss of about £80 due to special expenses incurred this year.
Annual Levy: Members will be asked to pay £2 to fund the DA's expenses for producing and distributing the Sou'wester and administrative costs. It was agreed that this should be a payment for the 12 months commencing 1st January 2005.
The meeting was grateful to Lisa Colombo for coming from a long distance to discuss the work which the DA website sub-committee has been carrying out and in particular obtain a decision which resulted in as a new web address.
DA Secretary: Nigel Taylor had announced that, owing to pressure of other commitments, he had to resign. He has explained that he must concentrate on a new job and his work as Secretary of the Surrey Road Cycling Club. Nigel was warmly thanked in the meeting for the work he has done for the DA during the year. He has subsequently received a letter of thanks from Lisa Colombo in which she has written on behalf of the website sub-committee to give thanks to Nigel for his positive input with hopes that he will be able to continue to give time to the final stages of the site work. Pete Barnard who rides with the Midweek Wayfarers had indicated that he would be willing to serve as DA Secretary. The meeting was grateful to Pete for agreeing to take over the role and duly elected him.
The meeting concluded with Colin Quemby thanking Ian Burt and Amy Robinson for serving the refreshments.

Heard On Our Rides
"A flashing Bottom!": Comments by Beginners after Brian Lulham fixed a rear light to his jacket at an Epsom Downs tea stop.
"That scone for my afternoon tea cost me several hundred pounds": Anguished comment from Clive Oxx after a skilful thief lifted his prized Marin from a cycle rack outside his local baker's shop.


Front Room Cycle Jumble!!!!!
  • Long sleeve trade Jerseys, £10
  • Short sleeve trade Jerseys, £5
  • Short sleeve Polka Dot jerseys, £5
  • Long sleeve Knitted Jerseys, £10
  • Spats, overshoes (v.small), £2
  • 3-function cycle Computers, £2
  • Bulbs, assorted incl. Halogen and Krypton, £5
  • bag of 2 doz.or so Bottom Bracket Spindles (new Campag/Zeus), Cups etc assorted, £5
  • Specialized Body Geometry Comp. Saddle (2nd Series), £10
  • Specialized Bottom Bracket Cup Set (unused), £5
  • Leatherman Multi Tool, £20
  • Leatherman bigger Tool, £30
  • Seat Pins, Saddles, Gears and lots of Bits and Pieces at various prices.

Come round and have a look. Call me, Ian Burt.

Tom Fish will be setting out his stall at Midweek Wayfarer Section 11s. Lightweight Jackets blue, Shirts Sleeveless in blue and other colours Road Jerseys and summer shorts. Tights for winter cycling in S. M. & L. Orders also taken by telephone.