South West London DA: Sou' Wester Archive
Sou'Wester September/October 2005

The 'Sou'Westers' Team of 17 riders (all of whom ride with the Wayfarers when they can) attempted to capture the 'Largest Team Award' at the annual Dieppe Raid on 11/12th June. Even as second largest team, all wearing their distinctive shirts, they collected a magnificent trophy. If three other riders from our DA had counted, we would have tied for largest team status.
Eric Ashford, who rode with his son Tony won the Award for Seniority. Gill Finlay won a similar Award which surely was an Award for Charm. A great time was had by all. "Thanks to Lynda and her team for encouraging us to continue to support this splendid example of 'Entente Cordiale'" writes the equally charming Secretary, Brian.

Charity rides
Whilst their friends were raiding Dieppe, Angela Launder and Lucinda Parry completed the Bigfoot London to Paris Challenge. After a 6am start, an overnight journey on the ferry to Caen, a night in Rouen, then the champagne flowed under the Eiffel Tower. The celebrations with their twenty six fellow riders were sadly stopped however when they were moved on by the police as suspected terrorists! Reporting these events David Aylett (who drove the support vehicle) says, "they may be forgiven for their behaviour as their respective charities have benefited from their efforts!"

Simon Legg has impressed C&M members by his performance on the End to End Ride over five days with a team of 'similarly motivated' riders setting out to collect funds for the benefit of the Bishop Simeon Trust. There is still time for you to contribute to this charity.

Mystery Word Hunt
The 2005 event took place over two weekends this year on 10th and 17th July. This was due to a last minute change of date of Brockham's Victorian Fair. New routes had been created replacing the 20 and 50 mile routes originally designed by Ken Loy. The 50 miles course was planned to be a DATC event and was therefore challenging. The 20 mile event was for riders looking for a less challenging but attractive and interesting route. For those wanting a short fun ride with the prospect of an enjoyable tea at the end, the five mile route was the one to go for! 58 riders competed over the two Sundays, an encouraging level of support.
50 miles - Phil Lintott, Midweek Wayfarers
20 miles - Mike Batchelor, Finchley
5 miles - the Brewer family, Sutton CC.

Simon Mitchell reports on the C&M camping weekend in June: 19th June was an extremely hot Sunday. Our weekend was based at Selham in West Sussex, associated with the 'Three Moles PH Beer and Cider Festival'. The recommendation for this had come from real ales connoisseur, Steve Gordon, and was just right for such hot weather. Our camp was situated in a pine forest near the pub. The night rides of three miles to reach the pub were as though we were travelling through the background to a Frank Patterson drawing. Our super charged lamps beamed alongside the edge of the woodland trees until the pub came into sight with a yellow glow. How did Patterson capture that effect in a black ink drawing?
The pub was just beyond the old bridge to the railway which gave it the previous name of the Railway Tavern. During the daytime ride in the heat, we went on a route by the River Rother and passed a family on the river. "Too hot for cycling", said the lady as she floated serenely with a long foam sausage tucked behind her head and shoulders for buoyancy. This calm contrasted with the commotion coming from her family of three children, one dog and various ad-hoc inflatables.
We left our newly found floating friends after cooling our feet in the river and went off to search for a rideable section of disused railway. We came upon the Old Railway Station which bore a welcoming sign: 'Teas now being served' This was once the station for Petworth. The buildings have been superbly restored with fine overnight accommodation in converted Pullman Coaches with traditional gleaming brass and polished mahogany. Even better for us were the bottomless cafetieres of coffee enjoyed with 3 cakes each for only £3 per head. "Perfi!" (sic) we all agreed.

CTC Birthday Rides
This year's event was centred at Lake Bala in North Wales. It provided some attractive and dramatic routes for cycling and fascinating events such as 'Ewe-phoria' described as an 'Agri-theatre' event. Having just returned from a week of hard but enjoyable riding we should be pleased to read in this week's Cycling Weekly that Government money totalling £3m is to be poured into cycle tourism in Wales. Kevin Mayne commented on the need for public transport links which cyclists can use. I personally found that I could, with ease, take a bike heavily laden with camping equipment on my selected train services. Taking a route from Euston to Wolverhampton to Welshpool and then a delightful journey on the Welshpool & Llanfair Railway required five hours. The terminus at Llanfair Caereinion provided access to most hospitable accommodation and to start points for exciting touring routes in Mid and North Wales.
Enjoying the week from our DA were members from the Wayfarers and Cheam & Morden Sections, Lisa Colombo, Ray Dare, Terry Lowe, Clive Oxx, Pete Mitchell, Ed Sharp, Bob and Brian Starey.

Heard at the Birthday Rides:
"Heavens. It's Lisa". "Can you believe? It's Clive". Seen and heard as Clive Oxx and Lisa Colombo, followed by her Wayfarers Section companions, approached each other in unexpected meetings on the steep hills between Bettws Gwerfil Goch and Gwyddelwern in remote rural North Wales.

News of People
At Ron Beams' 99th Birthday on 4th August, Fuzz Edwards had arranged for a Daily Mail photographer to photograph Ron at Claygate with his 80 years plus Easy Rider friends.
In his e-mail news service, Brian Starey has congratulated Ray Dare who, at 79 years, has recently ridden two 100 mile time trials on consecutive Sundays! Going for the national age related record, Ray was pulled up by marshals after 82 miles as the event had been abandoned due to foul weather conditions with 66 minutes left to complete the final 18 miles. Brian asks, "will Ray get another chance to go for the record?"
Bill Stead would like to thank Beryl Granger for her work in helping in the organising and publicising of the Celebration Party for his 90th birthday held at the Cobham Day Centre on Saturday 9th July. Wayfarers were invited to attend during the morning and for lunch. Bill gave a speech recalling many of the fine rides he has done in the past. Those attending were reminded that Bill has an important standing in the membership of the Midweek Wayfarers as its sole surviving founder member. A collection has been made to provide a present for Bill which it is rumoured, could be a contribution towards a new bicycle.
A get well card has been signed by members for Judy Margery who, whilst walking early on a Sunday morning fell when her ankle gave way under her. She sustained a broken bone in her foot which will be kept in plaster for a six week period. She will now have time to admire and polish her beautiful new Pearson bike while she convalesces.

Herne Hill
Good news following a hard fought campaign by the London Velodrome Trust to end a damaging six month lock-out, the Dulwich estate has finally been persuaded to allow the gates of the Herne Hill Velodrome to reopen, as we write on 5th August.

Poem to recite on your next ride from a folk song recorded by Pete Seeger:

Sailing down my winding highway,
Travellers from near and far,
Yet I was never alone.
Exploring all the little byways,
Sighting all the distant stars,
And I was not far from home.

Submitted by Simon Mitchell